Graminex Production Process

Graminex Production Process


From this site, we get 6,500 acres of the most fertile areas of Ohio, the largest in the world. We obtain essential components for the manufacture of pharmaceuticals. Nutrition, pharmaceutical, food, and cosmetics under cultivation process. Reliable harvesting, processing, and storage

Graminex Production Process

The first step is collecting pollen.

Pollen collection started for a short time. In just two weeks, this is where Graminex® non-solvent Graminex Flower Pollen Extract ™ sources are available. Our field technicians are well trained in the control of specially designed harvesters. To get the most productive in each area Graminex® harvesters feature a unique dosing system that can maintain yield integrity and minimize pollen loss. Our field experts will closely monitor each harvested site. To determine the optimal harvest date And notify the operator of this important information

Second step Raw material drying process

Raw materials that are still wet from the fields are transported by Graminex® trucks for further feeding, following a well-controlled drying phase. The wet raw material will be transported. And continue to pay with a forklift Graminex® operators are trained on cGMP standards for material handling. Raw materials are dispensed to the drying drum using a well-controlled material distribution system. To meet Graminex® quality control standards, programmable dedicated heaters regulate the temperature and supply air to each drying tank. In order to have constant control for maximum efficiency At each Graminex® process, raw materials are checked and recorded to ensure the same quality of raw materials. Quality certified raw materials are dispensed from a drying drum for processing to obtain the required pollen.

Third step Storage and processing

Graminex® utilizes an air control system at the top of each storage facility to allow raw materials to be moved through the processing and storage areas most efficiently. With an annual capacity of more than 500 metric tons, the storage of certified raw materials reaches 285,000 cubic feet.
Our 130,000 square foot cGMP factory Built-in 1997, can support a wide range of required volumes and operations around the world. Located in northwestern Ohio, our facility is close to the source of Graminex®, thus controlling the selection and filling process. Can grow raw materials completely

The fourth step is Separation and pollination

Proper plant raw materials are sucked in through a special filtration device using the Graminex® air supply system to separate pollen from each other. A closed system ensures that no pollen is lost. The measurements were taken in a collection bag which would then be kept in a cold storage area as the next step. From the farm step to the finished Graminex® formula, All ingredients can be precisely controlled. The formulation of Graminex Flower Pollen Extract ™ is the scientific knowledge required for the pharmaceutical industry. Nutrition Pharmacy Drinks and cosmetics The ingredients of Graminex Flower Pollen Extract ™ are formulated for a wide range of applications.

The fifth step Laboratory

The Graminex® laboratory helps to ensure quality and testing that specific conditions are met. The test equipment guarantees the same pollen quality. Each batch of pollen is tested to ensure it is free from toxins and pesticides. Testing for Graminex® nutrients, such as amino acids, phytosterols, isoflavones, and fatty acids, was performed using the HPLC and UV-Spectrometry methods.

The sixth step, bottling, and packaging – we pack ourselves in Thailand.

*** Our components are invented for various purposes such as To help patients with prostate problems The Immune System for Women’s Health, backed by more than 100 clinical studies from plantations to successful formulations, Graminex® is the trusted manufacturer of the non-solvent Graminex Flower Pollen Extract

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